Medikal Hijyende Güven ve Kalite


Healthcare facilities face similar challenges :

  • Improving efficiencies and ensuring patient safety

Many hospitals specifically mention improving efficiencies as a key challenge and ensuring patient safety as their main focus.

  • Multiresistant bacteria

It is a well known fact that there is an increasing threat from multiresistant bacteria and that surgical site infections are very expensive for hospitals and society in general.

  • Surgical site infections

In spite of high hygiene and asepsis standards, there are approximately three million healthcare-associated infections in the European Union each year. Not all of these infections are critical to the patient but they are all critical in the sense that they are painful for the individual and consume valuable hospital resources.


Some call it impermeable drapes.We call it optimal safety.

BROCHE NONWOVENS are dedicated to infection control in and around the o perating room. We have always taken great pride in supplying healthcare facilities, all around the world, with products and solutions to ensure patient safety. Impermeable materials are always the safest choice, which is why BROCHE NONWOVENS has made the entire drape product range from impermeable.


Why Impermeable ( Laminated ) Drapes?

When introduced, the fluid repellent single- use surgical drapes represented a real breakthrough in fabric technology. This material has served the global healthcare industry well, but as technology advances, we can now offer materials better suited to meet today’s requirements.


Fluid Repellent Surgical Drapes

  • Impermeable only in the critical area
  • Vulnerable to liquid penetration, strikethrough, outside of the critical area
  • Increased risk of bacterial and viral (as well as other microorganisms such as fungi and spores) penetration compared to impermeable drapes

Impermeable ( Laminated ) Surgical Drapes

  • Impermeable throughout the drape
  • Provide the highest level of protection possible in surgical drapes
  • Always the safest choice


No Compromises

Fluid repellent surgical drapes are vulnerable to liquid penetration despite meeting the standard EN13795. Today we know that fluid strikethrough can create a pathway for microorganisms, which can result in surgical site infections.

The wet bacterial penetration test shows that bacteria pass through a fluid repellent drape after 15 minutes of testing.The impermeable drape from BROCHE NONWOVENS showed no penetration of liquid and bacteria at all.


The safest draping material is impermeable

BROCHE NONWOVENS range of impermeable drapes covers all types of surgical interventions. The range is available in 1–4 ply materials, depending on the needs of the specific procedure.


Why BROCHE NONWOVENS surgical drapes?

BROCHE NONWOVENS is dedicated to infection control. Overall improvements in design and material are part of the continuous work to always offer the safest choice.

  • Comprehensive range of impermeable drapes available for all types of surgical interventions to fill all draping needs
  • Continuous training and support to ensure optimised cost efficiencies and optimal usage of your products
  • Introduction of new solutions when procedural needs change
  • Supply and logistics system to ensure that the right products are available at the right time, spending a minimum of your resources.


Types of BROCHE Nonwovens Fabrics

Two-Layered Drape Materials

Perfect for many applications, they are the result of the  combination of a low-linting nonwoven or tissue paper  with high absorbing properties with an impervious  film acting as a liquid barrier.

Absorbent Reinforcement Material for Critical Zones

BROCHE has developed a three-layered material specifically designed to enhance the absorption of liquids in critical zones.

Three-Layered Drape Materials

Capable of trapping liquid quickly and effectively, they are designed to be placed in direct contact with the skin of the patient and can be used for multiple purposes such as surgical drapes and kits.